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Transfer ACRE from Acrechain to Osmosis with IBC


What is IBC?

IBC is a protocol that allows for the transfer of tokens between different blockchains. IBC allows independently developed blockchains to securely and consistently send data (such as tokens) natively to each other. This is different from cross-chain bridges, which are typically developed by third parties, and the security and reliability of these can vary greatly depending on the protocols they interact with. With IBC, a trustless relayer is used to send data over a dedicated channel, ensuring a secure and consistent experience.

What does this guide cover?

This guide shows you how to transfer ACRE from Acrechain to Osmosis where you can, for example, provide ACRE liquidity to the Osmosis pool. The process is similar for other Cosmos chains that support IBC.

A full list of all supported IBC channels can be found here.


To follow this guide you should have the Keplr wallet installed and connected to the Acrechain blockchain. This guide will help you to connect Keplr to Acrechain.

You should also have some ACRE tokens on Acrechain. If you already have ACRE on Avalanche, you can use this guide for the Arable Bridge to transfer ACRE from Avalanche to Acrechain.

How to transfer ACRE to Osmosis

Before we can send ACRE from Acrechain to Osmosis, we need to create a channel between the two blockchains. This channel will be used to send the ACRE tokens. First we need to enable developer mode in the Keplr wallet. This can be done by clicking on the settings icon in the top left corner of the Keplr wallet.

  1. Open the Keplr wallet and go to the settings menu.

    Open the menu by clicking on the settings icon in the top left corner.

    Keplr settings

    Click on Settings.

    Keplr settings

  2. Enable developer mode by clicking on the toggle button.

    Keplr settings

  3. Close the Settings menu.

    Keplr settings

  4. Make sure you are connected to Acrechain. You can see this at the top corner of the Keplr wallet. Go to the IBC menu by clicking on Transfer in the IBC section.

    Keplr settings

  5. Click on Select Chain and select Osmosis.

    Keplr settings

  6. Click on + New IBC TRansfer Channel.

    Keplr settings

  7. Click on Select Chain.

    Keplr settings

  8. Select Osmosis from the list.

    Keplr settings

  9. Enter the IBC channel ID.

    Enter channel-0 in the Channel ID field.
    Click on Save

    Keplr settings

  10. Enter the destination Osmosis wallet address.

    Enter the destination wallet address on the Osmosis chain.
    Click on Next

    Keplr settings

  11. Specify the amount of ACRE you want to send.

    Enter the amount of ACRE you want to send.
    Click on Send

    Keplr settings

  12. Confirm the transaction by clicking on Approve.

    Keplr settings

  13. You can now check the status of the transaction at Mintscan by searching for the destination Osmosis address that you entered in step 10. above.

    Keplr settings

Whats next?

Now that you have transferred ACRE from Acrechain to Osmosis, you can provide ACRE liquidity to the Osmosis pool and earn from fees.