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Delegate ACRE on Acrechain with Keplr

What is delegating ACRE?

Delegating ACRE is the process of assigning ('staking') your ACRE to a validator. When you delegate your ACRE, you are giving your ACRE to the validator. The validator will then use your ACRE to validate transactions on the Acrechain network. In return, the validator will reward you with ACRE. The more ACRE you delegate, the more ACRE you will earn, as the validator will be more likely to be chosen to validate transactions.

What is a Validator?

A validator is a node that is responsible for validating transactions on the Acrechain network. Validators are rewarded with ACRE for their work. The more ACRE a validator has staked, the more likely they are to be chosen to validate a transaction. Validators are chosen randomly, but validators with more ACRE staked are more likely to be chosen.

Validator Comission

Validators charge a commission for validating transactions. The commission is a percentage of the ACRE rewards that the validator earns. The commission is taken from the validator's rewards, and the validator will then share the remaining rewards with the delegators. The commission is set by the validator, and can be found on the validator's page on CosmosRun.

How do I delegate my ACRE to a Validator?

To delegate your ACRE to a validator, you will need to use the Keplr wallet. You can follow this guide to connect your Keplr wallet to the Acrechain network.

You will also need to have ACRE in your Keplr wallet. You can follow this guide to bridge your ACRE to Acrechain or purchase ACRE as Osmosis Frontier by following this guide.

All delegations to Acrechain validators are being done via the CosmosRun app. CosmosRun is a validator explorer and delegation tool for Cosmos Hub and other Cosmos SDK-based networks. You can use CosmosRun to find validators, view their commission, and delegate your ACRE to them.

Autocompounding of rewards

You can also use REStake to auto-compound your ACRE rewards. This means that your rewards will be automatically re-delegated to the validator you are currently delegating to. This will increase your rewards, as you will be earning rewards on your rewards (compounding) and you do not have to manually re-delegate your rewards to take advantage of the conpounding effect.

Check below for more information on how to use REStake.

How to connect Keplr with CosmosRun

  1. Go to the Acrechain Mainnet page at CosmosRun and connect your Keplr wallet by clicking on the Wallet botton in the top right corner.

  2. Click on Connect Wallet.

  3. On the new page click on Next and then confirm the connection with your Keplr wallet.

  4. On the next page you can select which network you would like to connect to.

    Enter an account name. You can choose any name you like. This will give you a name on CosmosRun to identify your account. You can for example use the same name as your Keplr wallet.

    You do not need to write down the HD Path and Public Key. This is only shown for information purposes.

    Make sure ACRE-MAINNET is selected
    You can also select EVMOS for Evmos support if you like. Evmos is a PoS network which facilitates the transfer of value between Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems.
    Click on Next to connect your Keplr wallet to the Acrechain network.

  5. To confirm the settings click on Save, or go back to the previous page by clicking on Previous.

  6. If everything went well, you should be redirected to your account page.

How to delegate ACRE to a validator

  1. Go to the Acrechain Mainnet page at CosmosRun by clicking on ACRE-MAINNET in the side bar to expand the menu.

  2. Click on Staking in the side bar.

  3. Choose any validator you like and click on Delegate.

  4. On the next modal pop-up you can select how much ACRE you would like to delegate to the validator.

    Select the amount of ACRE you would like to delegate
    Click on Send to confirm the delegation.

    ...and wait for the process to finish.

  5. You can check your delegation (staked amount) directly in the Keplr wallet.

How to withdraw Rewards, Undelegate or Redelegate ACRE

  1. Start at the CosmosRun page and click on your account button in the top right corner.

  1. CLick on Accounts.

  2. Click on the ˅ to expand the account for ACRE-MAINNET.

  3. Click on Detail to see the details of your account.

  4. On this page you can see your staked amount, rewards and undelegations in the delegation section of the page.

    Click on Delegate to delegate more ACRE to a validator.
    Click on Withdraw Rewards to withdraw any pending rewards.
    Click this button to redelegate ACRE from one validator to another.
    Click this button to undelegate (unbond) ACRE from a validator.

REStake - Automatic compounding of rewards

Now that you have your ACRE staked, you can start earning rewards. You can also re-stake your rewards automatically by using REStake.

With REStake, you can take advantage of Authz, a new feature in Cosmos blockchains. This allows you to authorize a validator (or any other wallet) to send specific transactions on your behalf.

When you enable REStake, you give the validator permission to send Delegate messages to their own validator address. The authorisation expires automatically after one year, but you can choose to revoke it at any time. You can also optionally limit the amount of tokens the validator is allowed to delegate and adjust the expiry date.