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Connect Keplr Wallet to Acrechain


Acrechain is a blockchain based on the Cosmos SDK and you can connect to the Acrechain blockchain using the Keplr wallet.

First install the Keplr app on your device from

Connecting Keplr with Acrechain using the ACRE bridge page

The easiest way to connect Keplr with Acrechain is by using the Acrebridge. It will automatically install the Acrechain chain in your Keplr wallet. In this step you will not need to bridge any ACRE tokens to connect Keplr with Acrechain.

  1. After you have successfull installed Keplr you can connect with Acrechain by going to and clicking the Connect to Keplr button.

  2. After you have clicked the Connect to Keplr button you will be asked to confirm the connection with Keplr.

  3. After you have confirmed the connection with Keplr you need to select the Acrechain Mainnet network in Keplr. Open the Keplr wallet and click on the ˅ button at the top.

  4. Scroll down and select the Acrechain Mainnet network.

  5. Select the Acrechain Mainnet network.