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Buying ACRE on Osmosis


This guide assumes you have already installed the Keplr browser extension and have an ATOM balance in your Keplr wallet. The Keplr wallet is recommended to buy ACRE on Osmosis. If you don't have the Keplr wallet, please install the Keplr browser extension.

You will also need to have some ATOM in your Keplr wallet which we will deposit to the Osmosis exchange to buy ACRE. You can purchase ATOM on Binance or Coinbase and other exchanges.

Buying ACRE on Osmosis

Connect Keplr to Osmosis

  1. This is what the Keplr wallet looks like when you open it.

    Your ATOM balance. In this example we have already transfered some ATOM to the wallet
    Here you can switch between networks

  1. To buy ACRE we need to first deposit ATOM on Osmosis. Go to the Assets page at Osmosis and click on Connect wallet in the top right corner.

  1. Choose Keplr.

Deposit ATOM on Osmosis

  1. Select the ATOM asset and click on Deposit:

    Search for ATOM
    Click on Deposit

  1. Approve the connection in the Keplr wallet.

  1. Choose the amount of ATOM you want to deposit.

    Enter the amount of ATOM you want to deposit
    Click on Deposit ATOM

  1. Approve the transaction in the Keplr wallet.

  1. You have successfully deposited ATOM on Osmosis. You can now buy ACRE.

Purchase ACRE on Osmosis

  1. Open the ACRE Swap page of the Osmosis exchange and click on the ˅ to choose ACRE as the target asset​.

  1. Choose the target asset:

    Filter for ACRE
    Click on ACRE to select it

  2. Choose the amount of ATOM you want to swap to ACRE:

    Enter the amount of ATOM you want to swap to ACRE
    click on Swap

  3. Approve the transaction in the Keplr wallet.

Verify your ACRE balance

  1. Review your ACRE balance in the Keplr wallet:

    Switch to the Osmosis network by clicking on ˅

    Select Osmosis from the list.

    Verify that the Osmosis network is selected.

    Verify that you have ACRE in your Keplr wallet. Scroll down to the ACRE token entry.

  2. You can also view your ACRE balance on the Assets page of the Osmosis exchange.

  3. That's it, you have successfully swapped ATOM to ACRE!

Whats Next?

You can now use your ACRE to provide liquidity on Osmosis to earn from fees! If you have any questions, feel free to join our Discord or Telegram channels.