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Autocompound with REStake

REStake is a service that allows you to automatically re-stake your rewards. This means that you don't have to manually claim your rewards and re-delegate them to a validator. You can also set a minimum threshold for your rewards, so that you only re-stake when you have a certain amount of rewards.

To set up REStake, you need to authorize REStake to send transactions on your behalf. This is done by using Authz, a new feature in Cosmos blockchains.

This guide assumes that you are using the Keplr browser extension to manage your wallets, but other wallets should work as well.

How to use REStake

  1. Go to REStake and click on Connect.

  2. Click on Connect Keplr Extension to connect your wallet.

  3. Confirm by approving the connection with the Keplr wallet.

  4. You will be redirected to the My Delegations page. Here you can see all the validators that you have delegated to.

    The name of the validator.
    The interval at which you will re-stake your rewards.
    The commission rate of the validator.
    The amount of ACRE that you have delegated to the validator.
    The amount of rewards that you have earned from the validator.

    REStake MY Delegations Page

  5. Click on the name of a validator to see the details of the validator.

    REStake Validator Details

  6. Click on Stake.

    REStake Stake

  7. Click on Enable REStake.

    REStake Enable REStake

  8. Click on Enable REStake again to confirm.

    REStake Enable REStake

  9. Confim the transaction with the Keplr wallet.

  10. Thats it! You have successfully enabled REStake for your delegation. Here you can now view when the next restake action will occur and change your REStake settings for this delegation or increase your delegation. You can repeat this process for all the validators that you have delegated to.

    REStake Overview