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Quick Start

This guide will help you get started with Arable and Acrechain and all their possibilities.

Arable is a multi-chain DeFi service. This means that Arable is available on multiple blockchains. Currently, Arable is active on Avalanche, Evmos, and Acrechain and we are quickly expanding, targeting Arbitrum and Optimism next! However not all features are available on all blockchains, this is something that we are actively working on. The goal is to have the majority of features available on all supported blockchains. So keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Below we will go over what you can do on Arable and on which blockchains you can do it.

ACRE - The native token of Arable

ACRE is the native token of Arable and is available on multiple chains, including Avalanche, Ethereum and Acrechain. With ACRE you can pay for gas fees on Acrechain, stake (delegate) for validator rewards, shape the future of Acrechain by voting on proposals, and of course, trade it on multiple chains.

To get the full list of all the chains that ACRE is available on, check out the Liquidity page.

Derivatives Trading - Zero Slippage, Low Fees

Take full control over your crypto assets and trade multi-chain derivatives on Arable. Forget about bridges and their potential security risks and high transaction costs. Forget about centralized exchanges and their lack of privacy and security. Arable is the best way to trade derivatives across multiple blockchains with low fees and zero slippage!

You can trade derivatives of many crypto coins on Arable. Derivatives are tokens that are pegged to the price of other cryptocurrencies. For example, arBTC is a derivative of Bitcoin and will be worth the same amount as Bitcoin. Derivatives are a great way to speculate on the price of other cryptocurrencies without having to buy them and hedge against price fluctuations. You can trade many coins on Arable from many blockchains, without actually having to own the coins on those blockchains.

Right now trading is available on Avalanche and Evmos and soon Acrechain. To find out more about trading on Arable, read the Derivative Trading page or start trading right away using our real-time swap.

Borrowing and Lending - Earn by providing liquidity

Borrowing and lending are great ways to earn by providing liquidity to the Arable ecosystem. You can earn from trading fees that are generated by traders trading derivatives at Arable, earn ACRE rewards, and profit from traders' losses. On the flip side, all borrowers over the profits traders make. To minimize lending risks it is recommended to hedge against traders' derivative positions.

You can borrow and lend arUSD on Arable. arUSD is a stablecoin that is pegged to the US dollar. You can borrow, or 'mint', arUSD by depositing other cryptocurrencies as collateral. You can also lend, or 'burn', arUSD by withdrawing your collateral. arUSD is used by traders to purchase derivatives on Arable, it is the value that backs the derivatives.

You can borrow and lend arUSD on Avalanche, Evmos and soon Acrechain. Start borrowing and lending right away using our arUSD Borrowing/Lending page.


You can farm many of the available crypto derivatives at Arable. You can farm derivatives by depositing them into a farm and earning rewards in the form of that derivative. For example, you can farm arETH (derivative of ETH) and earn arETH rewards.

Farming is available on Avalanche. Start farming right away using our Farms page.

Liquidity Mining

Liquidity mining is a way to earn rewards by providing liquidity to a token pool, such as the arUSD tri pool at Curve or the ACRE/USDC pool at Osmosis. Liquidity mining is currently available on Avalanche and Cosmos.


We have operational ACRE pools on many chains. You can earn ACRE rewards by providing liquidity to these pools. You can find the list of all ACRE pools on the Liquidity page. We have pools with ACRE pairing up with native network tokens and stablecoins such as USDC.

When providing liquidity on Avalanche you will receive LP tokens (liquidity provider tokens) that you can stake on the Pools]( page to earn ACRE rewards. Check out our Avalanche liquidity mining guide for more information.

When providing liquidity on Osmosis you will earn OSMSO rewards and receive pool shares which you can then bond directly at Osmosis to earn even more OSMO rewards. Check out our Osmosis liquidity mining guide for more information.


arUSD is Arable over-collateralized stablecoin. It is pegged to the US dollar and is used by traders to purchase derivatives on Arable. arUSD is available on Avalanche, Evmos and soon Acrechain and Osmosis.

When providing stablecoin liquidity to the stability fund you can earn ACRE rewards by depositing the LP tokens. Check out our liquidity mining guide for more information.

When providing liquidity to the arUSD tri pool you will receive Curve LP tokens that you can stake on the Pools page to earn ACRE rewards. You can find the Curve pool here.

You can easily get arUSD by either minting it with collateral or swapping it for other stablecoins at the stability fund. Get started now and get your hands on arUSD!

The stability fund is also available on Evmos and soon Acrechain and Osmosis.

Delegated Staking - Earn ACRE rewards

Help secure the Acrechain network by delegating your ACRE tokens to a validator and start earning while doing it.

With delegated staking, you can generate rewards by depositing your ACRE tokens to a validator. Validators are independent nodes that help secure the AcreChain network and facilitate transactions, allowing AcreChain to function. By staking (delegating) your ACRE tokens to a validator, you will receive ACRE rewards in return, minus a small commission set by each validator. This is known as proof of stake (PoS) and is a more energy-efficient way to secure a blockchain than proof of work (PoW) which is most commonly associated with Bitcoin and until recently, Ethereum.

Delegated staking is available on Acrechain. Stake ACRE today and start earning ACRE right away using our Delegated Staking page. You may also want to consider staking via REStake which allows the auto-compounding of your ACRE rewards, leading to higher returns and less work for you.

Stability Pool

Deposit stablecoin liquidity and earn ACRE rewards. The stability pool is a one-sided pool, which means you only have to deposit one stablecoin instead of pairing it up with another token.

You can also swap between a variety of stablecoins with very low fees and no slippage.

The stability pool is available on Acrechain and Evmos. Start swapping and providing liquidity right away using our Stability Pool page.

Governance - Have your voice heard

Be a part of Arable's governance and get your voice heard! You can vote on proposals and help decide the future of Arable and Acrechain. You can also propose your own ideas and get the community to vote on them.

Voting is available on Acrechain. For more information on how to vote, read our Governance page and visit our governance channels at Discord.

What's next?

Join us at our socials including our great communities on Discord and Telegram]( and feel free to ask any questions and give us feedback. See you soon!