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Staking is the action of locking up a digital asset to provide economic security for a protocol. In the case of Arable, that digital asset is its native token ACRE. In return, a staker receives rewards in the form of ACRE tokens.

General staking is a more conservative way of staking when compared to, for example, performing delegated staking.

Why stake?

As the token supply increases, stakers receive newly issued ACRE tokens as rewards. The APR rate at which these rewards are distributed is not fixed. It will change over time, based on the tokenomics.

By staking with Arable, tokens are locked into a contract, and rewards start to be generated immediately. Accumulated rewards can be claimed into your wallet daily (one epoch).


Staked tokens are locked into a contract and can be unstaked (also called unbonding) at any time. There is a waiting period of 14 days from the point of unstaking (also called unbonding), during which the tokens remain locked. During this unbonding phase, you will not receive any further rewards.