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Upcoming: Voting Power Lending

📢 We're in the process of introducing Voting Power Lending (work-in-progress). 🔧

This is a new feature that will allow you to lend your voting power to other users. This will be a great way to earn rewards on your voting power, and it will also help to decentralize the network.

All information on this page is a work in progress! We will be updating this page as we go.

Some concepts we are considering:

Voting power lending services aim to decentralize Cosmos chains by providing low VP validators with access to high voting power. This can be implemented by either using the authz module available on CosmosHub or by building an IBC module for the logic. The lending service should include a borrower registration system, a social profile, a discount on bribes (e.g. 10%), bribe tokens registration, tokens for bribes along with a 30 day average token value, an incentivization system for voting power providers from bribes, an automatic/semi-automatic delegation system for borrowed validators, and an autocompounding system for users. Governance parameters should include a threshold voting power that can be borrowed without governance, a maximum voting power percentage that the system can delegate to, and a maximum commission rate.

Stay tuned for more information soon!