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Derivatives v1

What are Crypto Derivatives at Arable?

Trade a variety of cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, SOL, ADA, and XRP across the Avalanche and Cosmos networks with no slippage, low fees, and ease of use. At Arable, we make cross-chain DeFi possible with cryptocurrency derivatives. Our derivative assets track the price of their underlying asset, so you can trade in one place without switching between different chains or bridging.

At Arable crypto derivative assets are regular ERC-20 tokens that can be transferred freely just like any other coin. You have full custody over them.

You can easily swap your derivative assets, farm them for rewards, and even trade with leverage and take short positions. Trading with crypto derivatives is more secure, faster, and more cost-effective than before. Start trading cross-chain cryptocurrencies today on Arable!

On what chains can I trade crypto derivatives at Arable?

Crypto derivatives trading is available on Arable's Real-Time Swap on Avalanche and Evmos.

We are working on supporting more chains, starting with Arbitrum and Polygon. Stay tuned for more updates!

Zero Slippage - No More Price Discrepancies

At Arable, we have zero slippage when trading crypto derivatives! Our DEX for buying and selling derivative assets is available at the Real-Time Swap in our app. To purchase derivative assets, you'll need arUSD, a stablecoin, which you can buy at Curve. Why trade crypto derivatives instead of buying cryptocurrencies directly? Security, lower fees, and the ability to trade with leverage are some of the advantages.

Unlike traditional DEXs, Arable has zero slippage! This means that what you pay for is what you get, no matter how much you buy or sell. You can be sure that you won't pay more than you expect or receive less than you expect.

No Bridging Needed - More Security, Less Risk

No bridging is necessary at Arable! Bridging is the process of transferring assets from one blockchain to another – and it can be risky. Hacks on bridges have already caused losses of $2 billion in 2022, according to Chainalysis.

But when you trade cryptocurrencies with Arable, you don't have to bridge your tokens – saving you time and gas fees. Plus, you don't have to worry about the security risks that come with bridging. All in all, Arable's solution is more secure!

How to Buy/Sell Derivatives and start Trading

You can buy crypr derivatives at the Arable DEX using arUSD. To do this, head to the Real-Time Swap page and select 'arUSD' in the top field. Enter the amount of arUSD you want to spend and select the asset you want to buy in the lower field, then click 'Swap'. Confirm the transaction in your wallet and once approved, you'll receive the derivative assets in your wallet.

When it's time to sell your crypto derivatives, you can do so at any time at the Arable DEX. Select the derivative you want to sell and choose the amount, then select 'arUSD' in the second field and click 'Swap'. Confirm the transaction in your wallet and once approved, your derivative assets will be burned and you'll receive arUSD in your wallet which you can then swap at Curve for other cryptocurrencies.

Informative yet accessible, this guide provides an easy-to-follow overview of how to buy and sell derivative assets.

What derivative assets can I trade with Arable?

We have leveraged, inverse and non-leveraged assets available on Arable.

Derivative assets at Arable are designed to make cryptocurrency trading easier and more efficient. Our derivatives, which all start with "ar" (for example, arBTC and arAVAX), derive their value from underlying cryptocurrency assets on different chains. This means you can gain exposure to the price movements of your favorite crypto, without having to purchase and manage the asset itself.

Leveraged and Inverse Assets

We offer derivatives of select cryptocurrencies 💱 with leverage or inverse: arBTC2x, arETH2x, arBTC3x, arETH3x, arBTCi, and arETHi.

Leveraged derivatives track the underlying asset with a 2x or 3x leverage - for example, an arBTC2x follows BTC with 2x leverage.

arBTCi and arETHi are inverse derivatives that are perfect for short-term trading. Inverse derivatives are special types of derivatives, whose value moves in the opposite direction of the cryptocurrency they are based on. This makes them ideal for traders looking to capitalize on downward price movements in the crypto market.

The full list of leveraged and inverse assets currently available on Arable:

  • arBTC2x
  • arETH2x
  • arBTC3x
  • arETH3x
  • arBTCi
  • arETHi