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Synthetic Farming


Synthetic farming involves purchasing synthetic farming tokens, in most cases synthetic LP tokens, and staking them into a synthetic farming pool for rewards. To buy synths at Arable you need arUSD in your wallet. Purchase arUSD at the arUSD Tri-pool at Curve.

To get a better idea of the process, let’s have a look at what the farming interface looks like. You can reach this screen by going to, navigating to Farms and choosing any available farm. You will be presented with the farm building interface:

  1. Source synth
  2. Source synth balance in the wallet.
  3. Amount of source synth to swap
  4. Synthetic Staking Token to swap into
  5. Staking Token balance in the wallet
  6. Amount of staking tokens we will receive from the swap
  7. Exchange rate
  8. Staking Tokens to stake
  9. Amount currently staked
  10. Amount to stake
  11. Reward synth and current APR rate

Building a farm allows us to swap and stake from a single screen. The top half (blue frame) is the swapping section where we can buy synthetic Staking Tokens and the bottom half (pink frame) lets us stake.

Staking in a Synthetic Farm

  1. If you have not done so yet, choose Farms from the menu on the left and pick any available Farm.
  2. Enter the amount of arUSD to spend in the From field.
  3. Choose the synth to buy. We choose the synthetic Arable ADA (symbol arADA) token.
  4. Click Approve arUSD and Confirm MetaMask
  5. Click on Get Staking Token
  6. Confirm MetaMask
  7. Enter the amount of arADA to stake or click on MAX to stake all.
  8. Click on Approve arADA and confirm MetaMask.
  9. Click on Stake
  10. Approve MetaMask

That's it, we staked arADA and will receive Arable ADA as rewards, as we can see at the bottom of that page.

You can get an overview of all your staked synthetic assets and your wallet funds by choosing Assets from the menu on the left.