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Running a Validator

The following guide is applicable to the testnet version of the Arable app and the UI and feature set can be different in practice as improvements and fixes are continously implemented.

This guide will be updated to the final version when Arable launches on mainnet.

Creating a validator

You can only create a validator in the Arable if you are formally accepted by the team. You will also need to run a script on a server that can execute node scripts and has internet access.

Arable app

  1. Click on Admin.Validator in the menu on the left. Then click on +Create validator.
  2. Enter the amount to stake. During the competition, the minimum amount is 300K ACRE.
  3. Set a commission rate, the percentage of the rewards you will keep from rewards generated by delegators who stake with you. You should find a good balance that allows you to earn a commission that helps you cover server costs and your efforts. Simultaneously, the commission rate should be competitive with other validators to incentivize delegators to stake with you. You can change this commission rate later at any time.
  4. Finish creating the validator
  5. Confirm two MetaMask popups.

You have successfully created a validator with the Arable protocol.

As noted above, you can change the commission rate at any time, but you should not abuse this feature, or you risk the wrath of your delegators. We recommend that you are predictable and transparent about any adjustment of the commission rate:

  • do not change the commission rate too often
  • do not change it by a large amount at once
  • let your delegators know ahead of time or have a schedule for rate changes published
  • you can let delegates know ahead of time by posting your plans on a Twitter feed for example

Server setup

Please refer to the following guide to set up the validator script on a Node.js capable server:


Distributing rewards

Rewards from staking are paid out and distributed every 24 hours (one epoch). Rewards are split into three categories:

  • rewards from your stake
  • rewards for delegators that stake with you
  • the commission from the delegator rewards

Stopping a validator

Stopping a validator makes it inactive. No more rewards are generated.