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Providing ACRE/AVAX liquidity

To provide liquidity for the ACRE/AVAX pool, you have to hold both tokens in your wallet and add them to the liquidity pool at Pangolin. In return, we will receive PNG which can then stake at Arable.

Liquidity mining is the process of providing liquidity for a pair of tokens at a DEX (decentralized exchange). In return, you receive LP (liquidity pool) tokens. Providing liquidity for a token pair allows other users to swap between those tokens. The holder of the LP tokens will receive a fraction of the fees (and often other incentives) that the DEX charges anytime someone performs such a swap.

Arable allows you to bond (lock) ACRE/WAVAX LP tokens with Arable and in return, you will earn a reward in ACRE.

Before you decide to participate in liquidity mining you should be aware of the possibility of impermanent loss. You can find a good explanation of (im-)permanent in this Medium article (external site).

Provide Liquidity at Pangolin

  1. Click on Add / Remove Liquidity to provide liquidity in return for LP tokens at the Pangolin DEX.
  2. Enter the desired amount of AVAX you want to provide to the pool. An amount of ACRE in equal value to the amount AVAX you specified will be entered automatically. Click Approve ACRE.
  3. Confirm the MetaMask popup.
  4. Click Supply to add the specified amount of tokens to the pool.
  5. Confirm providing liquidity to the pool.
  6. Confirm the MetaMask popup.
  7. You have now received PGL tokens for the ACRE/AVAX pair in your wallet. Optional: to view them in MetaMask you can add the following contract to MetaMask: 0x64694FC8dFCA286bF1A15b0903FAC98217dC3AD7

Bonding PGL tokens at Arable

  1. Back in the Arable app enter the desired amount to bond (or just hit MAX) and click Approve ACRE to allow the contract to access the PGL LP tokens in your wallet.
  2. Confirm with MetaMask.
  3. Click on Bond to lock the LP tokens.
  4. Confirm with MetaMask.
  5. Now you can view your total bonded amount.

Claim rewards

To claim rewards into your wallet, click on Claim in the overview. Remember that you have to wait for the next epoch to arrive to start claiming.


When you decide to unbond there is a 14-day unbonding period (tokens are locked) before you can claim them back.

  1. To unbond click on Unbond.

You can view the date and time when the tokens are unlocked can be claimed under Unbondings in the left-side menu.