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In the following guide, we will provide WAVAX (Wrapped AVAX) as collateral and mint arUSD. Other collateral options are ACRE, USDC, USDT, and more.

After you have minted arUSD you will start earning a percentage of all fees generated by synth swaps at Swap. For more rewards you can also:


  1. Go to Pangolin and wrap a few AVAX:
  2. Accept WAVAX to be imported.
  3. Enter the amount of AVAX to wrap and click Wrap.
  4. Confirm with MetaMask


  1. Choose Factory in the menu on the left side and click on Deposit
  2. Enter the amount to deposit and click on Approve Collateral
  3. Confirm in MetaMask
  4. Deposit WAVAX
  5. Confirm in MetaMask


Based on the current market price of AVAX, the 10 WAVAX we provided as collateral have a value of $833.90 ().

(W)AVAX has a collateralization ratio of 300% which means we can mint $283 arUSD (Maximum Debt) with the provided collateral.

  1. Click on tab Mint.
  2. Enter the amount of arUSD to mint and click MINT
  3. Confirm MetaMask

We have successfully minted $283.70 arUSD (Current Debt).

Our Risk Rate is 100% because the amount of arUSD we minted equals the maximum we are allowed to mint (Maximum Debt). As the Current Debt changes relative to the Maximum Debt, so will our Risk Rate.

What is next?

Just by minting arUSD you already earn a percentage of the fees of all synth swaps done at Swap.

To earn even more rewards you can

  1. Go to the arUSD Tri-pool at Curve and deposit arUSD
  2. Stake the resulting LP tokens at the Arable Curve-arUSD Pool for additional liquidity mining

Debt & Assets

At Debt we can get an overview of the collateral and debt statistics of all minting participants at Arable.

  • Collateral is the USD value of posted collateral
  • Max Debt is the maximum mintable amount of arUSD based on the provided collateral
  • Current Debt is the debt as created by minting arUSD and as affected by farming rewards and synth price action
  • Risk Rate shows the state of the Risk Ratio which is the ratio of Current Debt and Max Debt expressed in %.

Assets shows all your funds either in your walled or staked/bonded that are supported at Arable.

For a more detailed description, check out the section on Organic Farming.