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Delegated Staking

The following guide is applicable to the testnet version of the Arable app and the UI and feature set can be different in practice as improvements and fixes are continously implemented.

This guide will be updated to the final version when Arable launches on mainnet.


  1. Click on Validators in the menu on the left. Choose a validator you want to stake with and click on Delegate/Undelegate.
  2. In this example, we chose a validator with a commission rate of 5%. That means this validator will take a 5% cut of all rewards generated by our stake. Click on Delegate.
  3. Enter the amount of ACRE you want to stake (3 in this example) and click on Approve ACRE to give the validator contract access to your ACRE balance of the connected wallet.
  4. Confirm the transaction in MetaMask.
  5. To finally delegate the amount of ACRE you specified with the validator, click on Delegate.
  6. Confirm the transaction in MetaMask.
  7. You can see the total staked balance on the My Delegation column.

You have successfully delegated ACRE and can relax and reap the rewards (no tractor required)! Your rewards will be payout out daily (approx.).


  1. Rewards are distributed approx. every 24h (one epoch). In the example below, I have earned 0.14 ARCRE since staking. To claim the rewards to your wallet, click on Claim.
  2. Confirm the transaction in MetaMask.