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Free money - Testnet AVAX

To try out all the MVP features like synthetic farming and minting we need some AVAX 'play money'.

Tokens on the FUJI Testnet have no actual value, they are for testing purposes only. This means you do not actually have to purchase any tokens on the open market, as would be required on the Mainnet. You get them for free. You receive the free tokens by using a service called a Faucet. Below we will go through the steps required to fill up your wallet with free AVAX tokens, so you can start interacting with Arable.

  1. Follow the link to the AVAX FUJI Testnet Faucet page.
  2. In MetaMask, click on your wallet address to copy it to the clip board.
  3. Paste the address on the Faucet page into the the input field and click Request 10 AVAX
  4. Check MetaMask if your funds of 10 AVAX have arrived. Usually this only takes a few seconds, but if the network is busy it can take considerably longer.