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Adding ACRE to MetaMask

Arable runs on the Avalanche blockchain. Below we will first add support for the Avalanche network and then add the ACRE token to MetaMask. This is required to be able to interact with Arable.

Adding Avalanche network

Click on the network drop-down button in the top right. As default, the Ethereum Mainnet network is selected.

  1. Click on Add Network.

  2. Enter the following settings and click on Save.

  3. MetaMask will automatically switch to the Avalanche network.

Adding support for ACRE token

To be able to view ACRE tokens in your MetaMask wallet we have to add the token address.

  1. We import ACRE to MetaMask by adding its contract address. Click on Import tokens.
  2. Paste the following address into the Token Contract Address input field: 0x00EE200Df31b869a321B10400Da10b561F3ee60d
  3. Optional: you can review the contract details for ACRE at Snowtrace.
  4. All other fields will be filled automatically. Click Add Custom Token to add the token.
  5. Click Import Tokens to confirm.
  6. Click on the < arrow on the top left.
  7. Now you should be able to see the ACRE token entry.

Now you are ready to purchase ACRE at Pangolin.