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Adding Avalanche FUJI network to MetaMask

Arable runs on the Avalanche blockchain. Avalanche has two separate networks called Mainnet and FUJI Testnet. The Mainnet is the production network where all real-world transactions take place. At the moment MVP functionality of Arable is still in the testing stage and thus does not run on Mainnet yet, only on the official testing network FUJI. Below we will add support for the FUJI network to MetaMask. This is required to be able to interact with Arable.

  1. Click on the network drop-down button in the top right. As default, the Ethereum Mainnet network is selected.

  2. Click on Add Network.

  3. Enter the following settings and click on Save

  4. MetaMask will automatically switch to the FUJI Testnet network.

Now we are ready to add free test tokens to your wallet.​