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Yield Yak

Sit back and earn: Yield Yak provides tools for DeFi users on Avalanche. Discover a huge selection of autocompounding farms and make your life easier.

Yield Yak is a revolutionary tool for defi users on the Avalanche network, helping them to earn more yield. It's a community-driven project maintained by their users, with a self-sustaining model allowing farming to run forever. Yield Yak works by auto-compounding rewards earned from yield farming. Users contribute to a pool of deposits which are then used to earn reward tokens, such as $PNG. All rewards are reinvested, compounding deposits and benefitting all users. Yield Yak's compounding occurs at a very high frequency, generating more yield for users. Invest with confidence and leverage the power of the Yield Yak community to maximize your returns.

Earn interest on your crypto assets with Yield Yak.