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Key Features

  • Farming synths: Anyone can buy synths and farm.
  • Minting synths: Anyone can mint synths by locking collateral assets into the protocol.
  • Synths DEX: Zero slippage DEX for protocol users.
  • Permissionless: Anyone can use the platform.
  • Community Governance: ACRE delegators can establish the governance to determine the project’s growth.

In 2020, the DeFi industry had rapid growth. Yield farming projects have been the top focus for DeFi users. Ethereum has been the most popular place for DeFi, but due to network scalability and the high gas fees, people started to move to scalable chains with faster transaction speed and lower gas fees.

Each chain has its pros and cons, and there’s no specific rule that a chain is better and more secure than another chain forever. Most people are chasing yields on different chains, and many of them lost their funds, time, and fees while using cross-chain bridges.

To manage all of the assets in a single place, people used to use centralized exchanges, wrapped assets, or synthetic assets. But these are mostly for traders.

There was no interface to do yield farming in a single place in a decentralized way while keeping the same APY on native chains.

The Arable protocol will power the yield farmers to use a single interface and single-chain to farm on their favorite network. Anyone can farm any network asset on any chain with the highest APY.