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Derivative Trading


This guide will explain how to utilize the derivative product Derivative Trading where you can swap your native Arable assets for other chains’ assets in the Arable App. There are also options for trading short or long in the list of available assets in the Arable Protocol.


You need to have MetaMask wallet installed. If you don’t have it installed refer to the adding of Acrechain to Metamask Guide.

Trading Synthetic Assets and Derivatives

  1. Go to

  2. Click on Connect Wallet and pick Metamask

  3. Choose the desired chain you want to perform the swapping. Take note that each chain has different assets available. See below for pictures of the available assets to swap into.

    A. Acrechain

    B. Avalanche

    C. EVMOS

  4. Afterward, choose the asset you want to trade your $arUSD to. Input the desired amount and click on Approve arUSD and Confirm it on Metamask. Once approved click on SWAP and Approve on Metamask. Once successful, the available balance will reflect on

There are many ways to get $arUSD. Get it by Minting, Buying on Osmosis, Buying on Avalanche or simply clicking on BUY $arUSD on the app wherein you can swap some stable coins to $arUSD



Derivative trading through Arable Protocol is a simple and accessible way to swap assets and take advantage of short or long trading opportunities. By following the steps outlined in this guide and having the necessary wallets installed, traders can easily trade synthetic assets across different chains. With the availability of $arUSD through various means, traders can easily access the Arable App and begin trading.