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Vote on Proposals and See How Your Voice is Heard

Discover the power of transparent and accountable governance on the Cosmos Hub: visit past and active proposals on the Acre Mainnet Governance portal. From here, you can explore the proposals, cast your vote, and see the results. Get involved and help shape the future of Acrechain!

What is Governance?

Cryptocurrency projects are a relatively new phenomenon, but they have already gained a large following. They have been made possible by the invention of blockchain technology, which has provided the ability to create decentralized networks. However, one of the biggest challenges facing these projects is the lack of governance mechanisms.

This is where decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) come in. A DAO is a decentralized organization that is governed by a set of rules encoded in smart contracts. It is designed to be self-governing, meaning that decisions are made by the collective will of its members.

At its core, governance enables all members to decide how the project should be run. By utilizing the blockchain to record votes, each member can have a say in the project’s direction. This type of governance allows for the project to have a great degree of autonomy and flexibility.

The decentralized nature of a DAO also allows for greater transparency. All stakeholders can see the decisions being made and the progress of the project. This provides a great degree of accountabilitys. Additionally, by performing voting on-chain, stakeholders can be sure that their decisions are immutable and cannot be changed without their consent.