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๐Ÿช™ Tokenomics

Basic tokenomicsโ€‹

NameArable Protocol
Max Supply1 Billion
Initial Supply100 Million

Genesis Supplyโ€‹

Airdrop40 MNot claimed airdrops go to community pool
Strategic reserve60 M
  • sell to investors (OTC deal with slight discount)
  • paid to influencers and advisors
  • paid to competition and bug bounty participants
Private/public saleTo be determined

Token release scheduleโ€‹

Token release epoch duration1 day
1st year release300M
2nd year release200M
3rd year release133 M
4th year release88M
Maximum supply1 B

Token release distributionโ€‹

Developer Vesting25%Can start claim after 1 year by vesting
Staking rewards25%Can start claim by epoch
Liquidity Mining Incentives45%Can start claim by epoch
Community Pool5%Can start claim by epoch