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Dexscreener is a tool that allows you to view the liquidity of ACRE on various decentralized exchanges. It also allows you to view the liquidity of other tokens on the same exchanges. You can use this tool to compare the liquidity of ACRE with other tokens.

Liquidity on Avalanche

Buy ACRE on Pangolin

ACRE / WAVAX @Dexscreener

ACRE / USDT.e @Dexscreener

ACRE / AVE @Dexscreener

Liquidity on Osmosis

Choose "Swap Tokens" to buy ACRE or deposit ACRE to earn OSMO on the Osmosis platform: Osmosis

ACRE / OSMO @Dexscreener

Liquidity on Polygon

Buy ACRE on Quickswap

ACRE / WMATIC @Dexscreener

Liquidity on Arbitrum

L2DAO / ACRE @Dexscreener

Liquidity on Evmos

Buy ACRE on Diffusion

ACRE / WEVMOS @Dexscreener

Liquidity on Ethereum

Buy ACRE at Bancor

Rango Exchange

You can also use the Rango exchange to buy and bridge ACRE in one simple step. Rango is a cross-chain bridge that allows you to swap tokens between Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Polygon, and Ethereum.