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At Multichain, you can conveniently transfer ACRE tokens between different EVM chains, such as Avalanche and Polygon. With Multichain, you can bridge the gap between different blockchains and enjoy a seamless token exchange experience.

Arable Bridge

Transfer ACRE tokens between Avalanche and Acrechain quickly and securely with the Arable Bridge. At the moment, you can only transfer ACRE from Avalanche to Acrechain, but the ability to transfer tokens in the opposite direction will be available soon.

Cross-chain assets transfer between IBC enabled blockchains

IBC is a protocol that allows for the transfer of tokens between different blockchains.

IBC allows independently developed blockchains to securely and consistently send data (such as tokens) natively to each other. This is different from cross-chain bridges, which are typically developed by third parties, and the security and reliability of these can vary greatly depending on the protocols they interact with. With IBC, a trustless relayer is used to send data over a dedicated channel, ensuring a secure and consistent experience.

Check out our growing list of available IBC channels.