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Arable Protocol

Farm your prosperity

Yield farming opportunities in the DeFi space are more prominent than ever, with more farming options popping up seemingly daily on an ever-growing number of different chains. This kind of diversity makes yield farming attractive and lucrative, but can also come with unnecessary overhead and frustration.

Wouldn't it be great to eliminate these headaches and focus on planning and executing farming strategies while keeping more of your profits?

Are you:

  • New to farming and trading? Do you want to take advantage of all the different opportunities on all block chains but feel overwhelmed?
  • An active farmer on different chains, always hunting for the juiciest yields?

Do you:

  • Enjoy planning and executing the most effective stacking strategies?
  • Speculate on price action between token pairs of different chains?

Then you have come to the right place! Frictionless farming for everyone.

At Arable you have access to any farm of any chain with their respective yields; in one place, without the hassle:

  • Eliminate the complexity of cross-chain farming. Do all your farming deeds in one place.
  • No more wrapping of assets. No more costly cross-chain bridging.
  • Forget high swapping fees. Forget slippage.
  • Do away with the hassle of time-consuming bridging and their associated fees. We all know how sluggish some chains can be.
  • Manage all your assets in one place. There is no need to keep track of multiple assets spread over numerous chains.

You have probably encountered any number of these obstacles before. We certainly have.

We heard the farmer's plight and decided to offer something unique in the DeFi space: A DEX for swapping with low fees and without slippage. Yield farms that provide the exact APR as their native counterparts. A whole ecosystem for farmers and traders, and you never have to leave the chain (we are on Avalanche) or the Arable app.

How can we do this? Read on.

How does it work?

We accomplish this feat of apparent magic by providing synthetic derivatives of native chain assets to speculators and farmers. At Arable, you do all farming and trading actions using so-called "synths".

What are synths?

Arable provides a platform for farming and trading synthetic assets (synths).

Synths pegged to either fiat currency or their equivalent native chain token. The names of the synthetic tokens are prefixed with the letters "ar" for "Arable". For example, the synthetic version of USD is called arUSD. The synth for SOL and DOT are called arSOL and arDOT, respectively.

All synths are backed by ACRE, the native token of Arable, and other assets like AVAX or USDT.

You would typically purchase arUSD at a DEX like the arUSD Tri-pool at Curve and swap for another synth, i.e. arSOL, within the Arable app to enter the Arable ecosystem. You can then yield farm on any of the provided farms or speculate on price movements of their underlying assets.

To find out more about the gritty details on synths and how they are created: Minting synths

Yield farming

Arable provides synthetic versions not only of cryptocurrencies but also synthetic farming. This makes us unique in the DeFi space.

Any synth you can buy at our DEX you can also farm. This includes synthetics of native chain tokens, LP tokens, etc...

APR rates for farms are pegged to their native chain counterpart, just like synths. You will receive the same yield and won't miss out on anything. You only gain peace of mind: Just farm and chill.

Read more about what it takes to be a successful farmer at Arable here: Farming